Friday, 22 January 2021

What Airline Passengers Really Want

Earlier this month, British Airways announced their partnering with Michelin-starred celebrity meant to improve the experience of economy passengers on their short-haul flights. The airline has never been short of innovative ideas, including things like 'happiness blanket'. Other airlines have had their tries and choices.

It is obviously not easy to understand what passengers really want if airlines cannot guarantee them that they won’t arrive to their destination stressed due to long delays and poor experiences when things go wrong - no matter the price they paid for their journey. These kind of events are pretty much classless experiences.

But what if it is not much about food, or blankets, or products they can buy? As Seth Godin pondered

“Perhaps she wants to be heard instead.

Or find something better, or unique.

Or perhaps customer service, flexibility and speed are more important.

It might be that the way you treat your employees, or the side effects you create count for more than the price.

The interactions in the moment might be a higher priority.

Or it could even be the sense of fairplay and respect you bring (or don’t bring) to the transaction.”

Southwest Airlines can serve as a good example.

Something to think about while shaping the future of flying and our relationship with passengers.