Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Can ‘Happiness Blanket’ Really Improve Passenger Experience?

British Airways has started trialling a hi-tech blanket – known as the ‘happiness blanket’ – which uses neuro-sensors to measure the electrical fluctuations in the neurons of passengers’ brains, and changes colour depending on their state of mind.' 

British Airways Managing Director, Brands and Customer Experience, commented: “This is the first time this technology has been used by any airline to help shape how service is delivered onboard an aircraft.” He explained that the happiness blanket “is another way for us to investigate how our customers’ relaxation and sleep is affected by everything onboard, from the amount of light in the cabin, when they eat, to what in-flight entertainment they watch and their position in the seat.”

Just wondering if this 'happiness blanket' could be useful to measure the mood of (potentially the same) passengers experiencing disruptions on ground? Or at least, to protect them against cold if needed.