Wednesday, 3 February 2021

What It Needs To Align Strategies With Operational Capabilities And Why It Is Important

Leaders and strategists are faced with an ultimate challenge: how much, when, and where to start increasing operation at time of extreme uncertainty and growing indebtedness.

There will be lots of experimenting and testing and with it a high dependency on operational feedback to validate such decisions and act swiftly to avoid prolonged exposure to losses. Apart from taking part in establishing such role, Operations Control Centres (OCC) will be under more pressure to sooth the consequences of long delays and cancellations, reduce their impact on passengers, and minimise losses.


The question is how well are leaders and strategists aware of OCC capabilities to meet these requirements, so important for speeding up the recovery?


I discussed these issues with Daniel Stecher not long before the introduction of lockdowns and thought that republishing this interview at these critical times can help executives to better understand problems faced by people in OCC and the role of technology in overcoming them.

Here is the link.