Saturday, 23 July 2022

Why pushing up salaries won't help resolve problems with airline crew shortages

Attracting pilots by pushing up salaries and speeding up training is good, but won’t solve the problems deeply rooted in unworkable strategies. This generic industry issue is echoed in American Airlines’ pilot union plea to its president to ensure that potential new hire pilots are informed that ‘scheduling uncertainties and reassignments will affect their quality of life if they decide to accept a flying position at American Airlines’.   

It seems that major airlines still don’t get it that pilot shortage is mostly about unsustainable network models, business metrics, and consequently culture where pilots and employees are being seen as cost centres.

Getting out of these legacy traps assumes embracing a fresh approach to decision making. It is about collective engagement in resolving the systemic pain points by connecting strategy and operations and keeping them aligned with the core values.

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