Friday, 16 July 2021

We Have To Plan For Disruptions

Air travel disruptions are here to stay and may take many different forms. 

So, we have to plan for disruptions (it is not just about adding more slacks!). 

The tricky thing is getting to know how much disruptions we can take in to make them less painful for our airline and passengers. 

Making disruptions less painful on the airline side, especially as an unrecognised cost centre with strategic origins, requires new skills.

As for the passengers, we can count on the side-effects of kindness, unless we don't care about their loyalty. 

In the end, it will be all about tradeoffs between lower cost and better experience.

Yes, it may look tricky, but is worth doing because the rewards are long lasting.

Just one more tip: it relies on integrative learning based on real life events seen from different perspectives.