Sunday, 19 January 2020

What Does It Take to Make Airlines More Responsive to Introducing New Technology?

There are so many brilliant books and articles about the benefits of digitalisation and new technologies explained persuasively by technology experts and consultants. And yet, organisations supposed to gain from these benefits remain mostly unresponsive. Why? Because, in most cases, what is on offer is seen through the eyes of external providers of technology solutions. 

What is missing is to get into the shoes of those responsible for airline overall performance, those who need to understand the real benefits that new technology can bring to their organisation and ultimately, to figure out if the required investment can justify their decision. 

Things can significantly change if providers of new technology together with airline experts can demonstrate the benefits of their product seen through the eyes of top executives. 

In the airline industry it can be done by introducing the human/machine interface that connects the disconnected parts of organisation when needed to address the systemic origins of burning operational problems. Enabling C-suite executives to visualise the cross-functional pain points creates an opportunity to initiate collective actions aimed at aligning strategic decisions with operational reality. 

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